Welcome to Klimpse

Klimpse is a contraction of "key" and "glimpse" and serves to describe the goal of this app; to quickly collect and deliver key information to you with merely a glimpse.

Klimp: [noun] a brief note summarizing the key activities within your organization, in your life, or observed in the world around you. [verb] to make a quick note of something very important to you or your organization.

Klimpse: [noun] a summary of key trends and events within your organization, your life or the world around you; understandable with a simple glimpse..

Klimpse was designed to be an amazingly simple way to gather key info you wish to collect, whether it's about your organization, your personal life or just things in the world around you that interest you. Soon it will also provide you a single place for you to drop high level information from other web services, applications or organization systems so that you can have all your Klimpses in a single place.

Klimpse is developed around some very important premises / goals:

  • Information should be quick and easy to get to and to understand without technical help
  • A single simple system is much better than having to master many complex ones
  • Information entry should be simplified in every concievable way possible while minimizing typing
  • Imagine and then deliver a platform for small organizationes and individuals to create and launch new applications within hours rather than months
  • Allow those individuals and organizations to share their "Klimpse Designs" with others if they choose
  • Deliver Klimpse with the ultimate in flexibility via what we call an "agnostic data model" allowing it to provide the broadest level of usefullness possible

Currrently Klimpse is in its last stages of development before launching later in 2017. As such, Logins are provided by invitation only until that time.